reinstall os

  1. P

    Acer A501 Reinstall

    Hi all! I have A501 (Snid: 13320746815) and I made user reset from the Android (from OS), it went ok, but after reboot it won't load OS anymore. Only acer logo appears. My friend tried hard reset, but no success. He said OS is broken and reinstall is only option. 1. What package (it must be...
  2. kn1000a

    Need to get boot loop out of two Android tablets (Sony and Dell)

    So I got a Sony Xperia Tablet SGPT121US and an Android Dell Venue 8, and they all get the same problem: boot loop stuck on logo screen. I have tried to at least factory reset and wipe data on the Sony (which run Android 4.0) through the Recovery mode but to no avail, the same thing keep...