1. Droem

    ROMS for Coby Kyros MID1042

    Anyone of y’all got any good ROMS for the Coby MID1042? I will take any suggestions! Thanks!
  2. R

    Rom for MID7125

    I need a ROM for Coby Kyros tablet , install a different and touch me does not work , I need a custom rom for this tablet, or having default rom , please , I have already reviewed the KMZ forum for Coby , but I get nothing because teng to be a member , and no active my account and also get...
  3. R

    ADSPEC Adtab 7 Lite TJ-A23-Q88-V4.1 Firmware

    Hi im after the firmware for the adtab TJ-A23-Q88-V4.1 I have tried TJ-A23-Q88-V4.0 but the screen resolution is wrong and displays smaller than the actual screen size running 800x600 needs to be 1024x600 any help appreciated thanks
  4. LuisEHD

    1089 WM8880 Netbook Firmware

    Hi, Buy this netbook but I need the firmware. Where I can download? CPU: VIA 8880 Dual-Core ARM [email protected] GPU: Mali-400MP2OpenGL ES2.0 Open CL1.x,DX9_3 RAM: 1G DDRIII Storage: 16G LCD Display: 10.1” TFT Digital, 1024×600, RGB666 Digital interface; Wireless technology: 802.11b/g/n...
  5. I

    Updates/ Upgrades/ Roms

    I have a Proscan PLT9045K which is a Rockchip System running Android 4.1.1. Are there any upgrades out there that I can use for this?
  6. K

    ASUS Transformer Pad K010 - TF0310C what's the model equivalency?

    ASUS Transformer Pad K010 (TF0310C) Preparing to root tablet mentioned above. Note that "TF.." model number. I see TFnnn models, but not THAT one (purchased from Best Buy). For purposes of rooting, installing recovery, installing ROMs, etc. Can anyone suggest what model this model might be...
  7. A

    Coby Kyros 9742-8 Help

    Hi guys sorry for my bad english ok lets go i try to flahs this tablet model but.. i very stupid person.. and dont make a copy of my rom.. ok in the first install i try install mobiz 9742 v2 rom but .. the system dont work, boot perfect but dont display any image after the android logo...