1. D

    Latest update on nexus 7

    I have a gen 2 nexus 7, couple years old. Decided to update OS yesterday, been bugging me to do it for a little while. Here are the results 75 sec boot time when plugging usb to PC I now have to pull down menu and tell it I want to transfer files. transfer rate is 1/2 what it was. 500mb...
  2. oliverosM

    How To Update CWM to New Version

    My Tab 2 is the GT-P3113 and it has the cwm and i want to update it to a newer version but i read in some places that not all versions of cwm are compatible with the tablet. so if i want to update what version of cwm do i need and do i just flash it. thank you in advaced
  3. D

    Update Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Past 4.2.2?

    I was wondering if I could update my samsung galaxy tab 3 lite past 4.2.2? I wanted to sell it but the person I was selling it to said it was "outdated" and they could not help me update it past 4.2.2, so I did not get to sell it. Anyways I wanted to update it to something other than 4.2.2, so...