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    Upgrading Android - Where to find?

    Hello! I have an Android Tablet but I don't know which one is compatible for upgrade or change the system (it is now too slow) and where to download. Can anyone help me? Here's the System information: - Model: GASEM805MC - Manufacturer: YIFANG - Brand: MID - Android Version: 4.0.4 - Build ID...
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    What Firmware Is RCA Maven Pro Currently Using?

    Hi everyone I just purchased a rca maven pro brand new off ebay. I was following the included instructions and it says to update the firmware. When I go to update the firmware it says tablet is currently up to date. Anyone that's has a rca maven pro can you please tell me what firmware you are...
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    Trash Or Upgrade Hannspree HANNSPAD 16GB SN10T1?

    Hi, I have a Hannspree HANNSPAD 16GB SN10T1. It doesn't attach Playstore, it runs Android 2.2 if I don't remember bad, and I cannot browse the web properly because it's web browser it's obsolete. The tablet works fine, but its Android it's quite old. It has 16 GB and allow a lot of apps, that...