1GB RAM 8" android 2.3 tablet PC is available now!


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Jul 13, 2011
Hi everyone, Here's a good news for tablet fans: 1GB RAM 8" android 2.3 tablet PC is available now! let's check the details about the tablet:

High Resolution 8 Inch Capacitive Touch screen Android 2.3 OS Tablet PC
with Vimicro A8 VC882 1.3Ghz Processor is hot selling as this item have many advantage, it come with 8inch 1280*768 high resolution, the high resolution will make you feel this tablet is quite different from others, It is amazing, also it come with A8 processor and 1GB RAM, it very smoothly while play 3D game or play high resolution video., at the moment this item is the first item which come with 1GB RAM.


Now this item have upgrade several times, so this item is very stable at the moment, the video max reach to 1080P and including almost all the video format, also there is another hot selling point, it is very low power consume, it come with 4000mAh battery which can last 5 hours, I think you do not want charge the device frequently, as it is not convenient for use while charge, so this is a good reason for you to choose this item as your beloved android 2.3 tablet PC.

On appearance, it come with innovate design, the button and interface are located at left, It is special, and quite different with other China tablet PC, also it support dual USB slot and front camera, and HDMI slot, also the android market are pre-installed and support flash 10.1. It with 1080P decode and GC400 picture processor which is professional for 3D games.

It is a good opportunity to bring you the 1GB RAM android tablet PC with amazing speed. Please check more details at our website at: 8 inch android 2.3 tablet PC with Vimicro A8 VC882 1.3Ghz Processor & 1GB RAM.

It's on sale for large discount, the original price was $199, now it's only $169. Don't Miss!:)