3Q Tablet Infected – Factory Reset Problem


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Feb 13, 2018

I have a problem with my infected 3q tablet MT0729D

Here are my tablet specifications:


Coincidentally I have got some trojan virus and I am unable to clean it from Android system. It is also impossible with e. g. Malwarebytes because the infection is also in system files and when I disable them manually then the problem persists.

I was trying to do Factory reset settings with deleting all data through Android software settings – no solution, then with using RST “hole” button – no solution and then finally I was also trying to make factory hardware reset in Factory mode (which is in Chinese) with using some setting with “MMC” issue – it is always restarting Android and updating applications and finally the system is again recovered with infected applications and files.

I was also able to some Boot Mode selection:


BUT when I’m trying to go to Recovery mode (the arrow is pointing at [Recovery Mode]) then VOLUME_DOWN button is NOT working as OK button so I can’t to get to Recovery mode :-(((

Many thanks for any advice or a suggestion!




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Jun 16, 2012
There are some things that are not clear here, and we need more details.

1. What app is infected?
2. What anti-virus are you using?
3. When did the infection start?
4. Was this tablet purchased new or used?
5. Was this tablet rooted?
6. Was a custom ROM installed?

In general, unless the device manufacturer is a really dodgy sort, e.g. from China, a device will not have a virus on it. Also, running an anti-virus on Android is pointless and you should be running Malwarebytes instead. Lastly, if the tablet was rooted and/or a custom ROM installed, all bets are off. Conversely, if you are rooted, that will make removing the offending app a lot easier, since you can delve into /system/app and delete the offending app with a file manager like Root Explorer.