4 days 10 apps and still no movies to watch, Help graetly appreciated


Dec 29, 2010
Hi there all of you video format guru's. I bought a cheap/SLOW tablet that was listed as a google (yes I know google did not make the tablet) MID 2.something. Let me start by saying i did not expect it to be a netbook but am tired of the Apple Ipod i have since i cannot save anything from the ipod to my computer and when I need torestore it everything goes into cyberspace.

I am going to try and make this as simple as possible, The tablet caane with a 5min test video of Pearl hardor movie (fitting since i am ready to bomb the makers of this thing) it is 320X240 and 20 frames/sec. Thats all the info I can extract from the movie .avi file.

I have tried several AVI files and converters and watched hours of youtube videos and everything I try gives me a full screen or wide screen format that is heavily pixelated nad most of them the sound does not stay in synch with the movie.

I have tried Vidomi, Foxtab, Handbrake (which never gives me the video sixe option like in the you tube videos) I installed rockplayer and still all the video I try stinks.

Could someone PLEASE give me a video size, frame rate, bitrate, and the setting i do not know about to change in these multiple software programs to get a video that plays like the test movie trailer of Pearl Harbor.

The most confusing thing is every software program I have found ignores tablets and has multiple choices for every phone known to man. Is there a phone option that works well with tablets.

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help


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Aug 6, 2010
What you need is a Media transcoder that will translate to the limited codecs your Tablet may be capable. I would try MediaCoder and then play with the configuration from the IPhone default. using MP4 and MP3 formatting. Without knowing your tablet. That is the best way. It is not the player. It is the installed codec base installed on your tablet.