44 Page User Manual



Specifically for the SuperPad but most of the info is Generic so will be applicable to most, if not all, tablets.

Download link: Superpad - Flytouch This file is a .pdf document zipped (compressed) in .rar format.

the PDF is in Microsoft Word format if you don't have Word on your comp. you should download the Microsoft Word Viewer
in order to open and read it. Download: Word Viewer Download: Word Viewer - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

You can open it with another compatible word-processing Program e.g. JARTE but you must rename the file by deleting
the Chinese Characters
at the end; Jarte will open the file but it cannot display any pictures or drawings.

PDF Manual Link courtesy of (Supporting Vendor) McBub.com - Buy wholesale Tablet PC, Android Smartphones, LED Gadgets & Apple Accessories From China
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Thanks to both of you for the feedback, it's good to know that it helped!:cool:


Apr 24, 2012
Thanks. Just what I needed to start with my tablet. My tablet is awaiting me in the UK, and next week this time my time will be taken up with a new Onda Vi40 Elite...


May 21, 2012
Here are some modern Android tablet manuals, for Android 4.0.x.

http://files.tom-tec.eu/Manuals/ATF3657 Excellent 7 Android 4.0 English User Manual Tomtec.pdf

http://downloads.pointofview-online...ab2XL/EN - PROTAB2XL - Manual Android 4.0.pdf

They look good, but the buttons, etc., are not in the same places as for the Onda Vi40.

Last I checked, onda has no English language manuals or instructions.

Maybe that means Onda's tablets are gray market outside China. Good luck dealing with manufacturer warranty - they probably only speak Chinese to begin with. SquareTrade says that means it would have to be covered as a used item - too expensive and limited. Of course Ebay/Paypal provide a 45 warranty on all Ebay/Paypal purchases.

Here are some websites I dug up

Onda Tablet PC - Onda Android 4.0 Tablet PC - Buy Cheap Onda Android Tablet PC Onda tablet On-line store - maybe not same company
ONDA Onda official website - all in Chinese
ONDA.CN - onda - maybe not same company, lots of downloads
ftp://ftp.onda.cn/download/usersmanual User's manuals for Onda - probably all in Chinese

Good luck.


Aug 2, 2012
hey thank you! this is a wonderful jumping in point with this used android gift.

thanks again