7" iRobot 2818 (ECLAIR) can play 720p but not games????


Apr 5, 2011
Hi new here
I just bought an cheap china 2818 than can play 720p but not games?, only low powered like solitare or video poker, but not simple graphics games like airport mania, angry birds, MotoXtreme
Must admit i bought it only to play videos but since i can download and play games i would be nice to do that also.
I really don't get how it can play the 720p movies (i do know about hardware decoding) but not play simple games, my N900 has no problem with angry birds

Wholesale 7" inch Android 2.1 ROCKCHIP 2818 Tablet PC 256M+4GB Support 1080P HDMI video,1.3M pixel,TF card M7005

Android Version: 2.1
Firmware Version: V1.02_14.13-M_EN-2011.01.13
Kernel Version: 2.6.25_(V140_HY2_RHJ)
Build Number: V0.18.ECLAIR.R.zmg.20101112.142908

Note on Device:
it is actually pretty good, for the price.
Touch screen is ok but i think i will mod it to be alittle bit better.
Performance is also good, becides that it cannot play games that would run on an old 300MHz PC


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Nov 26, 2010
That looks very similar to the iRobot that I Purchased, except mine is 8". Quite a good price there....

Most Rockchip based tablets are unable to play games like MotoXtreme, AngryBirds etc...


Apr 5, 2011
That sucks, wish i have used more time in this forum before buying, not that there is anything wrong with the one i got.

Will add that i have taken it apart and can report that it has a 2450mAh battery not a 4000mAh as stated on the supplier page.