8 GB A100 for $189.99 at BestBuy.com, woohoo!!!


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Aug 19, 2011
I know this is the A500 forum, and I already posted this message in the A100 forum, but I figured there are plenty of you who would be interested:

I was hoping to get the 8 GB A100 at BestBuy on Black Friday for $189.99, but when I drove by my local store at 9 PM last night, the line was already a few hundred people long, so I figured screw it, that ain't worth saving $100-150. The website also said it was sold out last night.

So I'm at work this afternoon and check out BestBuy.com again, and a-HA! it says it's available again. The catch is that it's only available for store pickup, and the nearest one where it was in stock is about 30 miles away. But that ain't a big deal. So I placed my order (and with Discover, I'll also get an additional 10% cash back!), and plan on picking it up on Monday. Awesome! And I didn't have to freeze my butt off last night waiting in line.

So anyone who is interested in getting this deal, check BestBuy.com--when I looked just now, it was still available for $189.99.