9.7" intel z530 ; windows 7 ; 1gb ddr2 memory ; 16gb hdd ; built in 3g


Oct 17, 2010
I spotted this tablet on ebay but cant find much about it all. Its listed on quite alot of other wholesale sites but no real pictures and cant find any videos, makes me question whether its real or not. Might just be somebody trying to trick people not sure ive sent a msg to the ebay seller asking him to post up some real pictures and a video, so guess wel have to wait and see what happens.

UK Stock: Apple Contender!! - 9.7" SUPER SPEC PAD / MID on eBay (end time 13-Nov-10 20:31:18 GMT)

9.7inch laptop umpcs Ipad PDA Intel Z530,1G,16G,WIFI,BLUETOO...USD 504.83/Piece Wholesale Price at **********

But sounds pretty interesting though, looks almost exactly the same as the IPAd dimensions and design with windows 7 as the operating system.

Anybody seen or heard anything more about it??? post here ;)


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Aug 6, 2010
Knowing what I do about Windows 7 Tablet, I would STAY AWAY. It is not the Windows 7 Tablet edition, it is the pitiful amount of storage allocated on this device. They would have had to strip Windows 7 Home, add the Digitizer features, leaving you with 1 very limited 2-3Gb of Storage. AND 1Gb is NOT enough for Win7 in any flavor.

As Xaueious said too, NOT Android.

So discard and move along. Nothing to see here.


Nov 23, 2010
I'll have to agree that Windows 7 is not the way to go on tablets, at least not now. Even though Win7 is a big improvement over Vista, Windows has always been rather bloated and demanding on resources. I'm sure the day will come when Windows 7 (or 8) will be viable on a lightweight tablet (as opposed to a "tablet" PC), but it will take advances in hardware as well as a lot of new code to make Windows "lean and mean".

That said, I wish all the competitors -- Android, Windows, Mac, others -- much success in this market segment. Competition can only lead to improvements all around. Besides, think what Android could do on a tablet with all the processor power, RAM and storage necessary to make it "Windows-capable"!

I'm not a Windows-basher; four of my family's computers (including one of my machines) run some version of Windows. I just prefer to use *nix whenever I have the choice.