a better phablet than Kingcom Venus ?


Mar 23, 2015
this is my first post,
Last year l got a 7 inch Kingdom Piphone Venus,
I searched this forum but found no info about it,
I'm happy with it except for a few small problems,
doesn't play all types of video files,
battery drains quickly & built in so can't be replaced,
sometimes heats up causing it to slow down a bit,
don't like capacitive keys are on screen, prefer off screen keys,
not happy with design, not very robust or sleek, can't buy tight fitting case for it,
& it sits on the rear protruding camera lense causing it to get scratched & now all pics blurry & very poor quality.

I'd like to find a sleek well built 7 inch phablet with rounded corners & can get a flip case for it, recessed camera of no less that 5mp, at least 2gb ram & similar specs to the Venus, octa core etc,
ohh & similar price also.

anyone have any suggestions ?


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May 9, 2014
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