A Few Questions from a Prospective Buyer


Sep 14, 2013
I am considering buying an Xperia Z tablet, but have a few questions - hopefully someone will know the answer(s)!

I am a photographer using a Sony A77 DSLR. I shoot mainly raw, in the format ARW (Sony's own file format). Ideally I am looking at something that would allow me to be able to review my photos "on the go" (as it were). So my questions are;

1. can I connect my camera to this tablet?
2. can I view RAW files either using it's own viewer or via something from Google Play?
3. can i copy the files from my camera to the tablet?
4. can you connect a hard drive to the tablet?
5. I notice it mentions that the storage is expandable to 64gb via micro sd - is 64 really the most it will go up to, or is that because this is what is generally whats about for microsd - does anyne think that down the line you could put in a larger card?

Any assistance would be most gratefully received.

Kind regards.


Jan 29, 2012
Hey.. - Species.

Here you're answers... -> Yes.., you can - connect with tablet DLNA+, WI-FI, NFC, ore copy/transfer data,
file - by microUSB cable,ore USBkey, microSD card(64gb) max ( I dont trying larger), and hard drive 500gb ( have) ,
and also you're - RAW/ARW=jpeg. $3.png
file need instal a good filemanager, select file for opening with a filemanager ore album.
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