A great new word game


Jun 29, 2011
Just came across a word game: Le God of Words for android. The graphics are really eye-pleasing, and smooth. There's only one mode, where one has to unjumble a word, and another that is states as "coming soon". It also supports online scoring and achievements.

The timed mode is really difficult, 60 seconds for one word. It says there are 6-letter to 21-letter words, but bigger words are unlocked after solving x no. of words. A cool feature is that you can see the meaning of the word by tapping on the moon after the clouds move away (awesome graphics), needs internet for that and works great on my gprs.

I'm really getting addicted to it and it passes time really well while in lines or during my daily commute.
Highly recommended for word game lovers...

Here's the link: