A Journey Through Augen Customer Service & Getting A Lemon Fixed


Feb 24, 2011
I thought it might be helpful to others trying to deal with Augen customer service and get their tablet repaired to see exactly what steps we had to take to do so. (I know I already wrote them as they happened- but "another one bites the dust" is hardly the type of title someone clicks on looking for customer service help) hopefully this will help someone out somehow, maybe

Time Line:

2/20/11- bought tablet

3/5/11- after 13 days of use while I was reading a book a window popped up saying something wasn't working force close, then it just went completely black. tried turning it on and off, it gets to the bird screen, sits for a bit, then gets to the droid dude and then the screen flashes on and off every few seconds. Tried resetting, tried turning on and off again. Same thing- finally just let it sit for a few hours seeing if it would ever get past the screen.... it doesn't.

I read the box and see that it has a warranty.

I read the manual and see what I need for the warranty (receipt, original items from box... etc...)

I email at support@augenus.com and tell them what happened.

3/7/11- support@augenus.com returns my email saying exactly, "We can have it repaired for you Please go to our support site and submit a ticket : http:augen.helpserve.com Once the ticket is received, we will process the repair request"

I registered an account on their site and submitted a ticket with high priority (they have low, medium, high, urgent, emergency and critical levels. I very quickly got an "thank you for contacting us" email response.

Shortly after I got an email from them with the rma form attached saying to fill out and fax or email it to the rma department and copy of receipt and that they would call within 24-48 hours of receiving it through email or fax.

I filled it out and emailed it and the receipt.

3/10/11- No contact from augen yet, re-emailed with rma form and receipt attached.

Tried to fax it as well, the number to fax it to on the rma form is not a fax number.

Called Augen at both customer contact numbers listed on the sheet (954-391-5317 & 877-284-3665) at 2pm on a thursday and despite being told in the messages someone should be available got nothing but voicemail box. Politely left a message with name and situation.

Found a working Augen fax number and faxed the completed rma sheet and copy of receipt to 954-929-9183

Still no contact from rma@augenus.com, I emailed support@augenus.comrma@augenus.com) and attached the same documents required with a polite message telling what all we have tried to do to contact them and still not being contacted back despite the 24-48 hour claim and reiterating that we only had the tablet for 13 days before it quit working. because they were who have actually emailed us back in the past (unlike rma@augenus.com)

3/14/11- support@augenus.com emailed me back =) They said they are forwarding the email I sent them to the rma department and gave me another phone number I could use- 954-929-4446 with directions to press option 4 to get through to the repair department. I decided to give it 48 hours before calling.

Called the new number I was given. Was given the same old message almost (if you happen to call all the numbers- note the difference in the hours available you are given) at the end of the message it says if you know your parties extension press it now. There were no options so I pressed 4 anyways. It range for a while then said "the person at the extension 7007 is not available"....

3/17/11- Called the new number again and got someone alive! They said they had emailed us on the 14th.... no email. Refused to just give us the info verbally (despite us being able to verify everything). Resends the email, nothing. Finally ask him to verify the email he's sending it to. Wrong email.

minor vent, feel free to skip this part: most of my communication has been through email.... the same email and my email is the letters of my full first name sans 2 and the first letter of my last name @ etc...com. The first letter of my last name is L. They have my name right there. The whole email was in lower case (ever single letter), but for some reason they decided that the last letter was in upper case instead of the lower case the rest of the email was written in and instead of being the L was I- even though literally within an inch of it on the paper is my full name which is clearly the first part of the email and my last name right next to it. On top of that there are 2 other lower case Ls in the email, one of them being in gmail..... </vent>

Anyways.... so we have an rma number and address, will be shipping out asap.

I am sending it with tracking and signed delivery confirmation....
I am taking pictures of it and everything else going in the box....
I am taking pictures of everything in the box....
I am taking pictures of the packaging in/of box (will be very, very well packaged).....
I am taking pictures of the box with postage and address on it....

To Be Continued....
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Sep 2, 2011
Seems like it is already 6 months since you sent it back?

What is the outcome there? Did they fix it or??