A1CS Fusion 5 premium+ tablet


Jul 31, 2012
I need someones help with my tablet click on link for full specs A1CS FUSION5 PREMIUM+ TABLET PC - 9.7" IPS SCREEN - DUAL-CORE PROCESSOR - ANDROID 4.1.1 JELLY BEAN - 16GB - DUAL-CAMERA - NEW DESIGN -JELLY BEAN - HARDER REAR PANEL: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories

The problem i'm having is I dropped it the other day not on a hard surface but on carpet and ever since then the camera's won't work for some reason, looking at both the front and back camera they dont seem to be any damage to the lense or the plastic, when i press the icon it says either app not installed, which it is, or the gallery will close, anyone out there with a solution would be great as I've had this for over 12 months so the warranty as run out. Thanks in advance. davemaneng.

Even though it has had some bad reviews on Amazon it has worked great for me up until now.
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Mar 24, 2011
It sounds very much like it's broken Dave. You might have a local shop take a look at it, not much else you can do.