A500 Mac Sync Issues

May 16, 2011
Just got my cool new A500... Rooted it, and then tried to usb to my mac with it.
No mass media access for this puppy on a mac... Anyways... Went to android and downloaded the Android File Transfer program. Seems that after you put in a Sandisk MicroSD chip, it does something and then AFT doesnt work. It crashes upon startup. Guess you can restore factory settings and such, but then you cant root it or put in some storage for that matter. Seems many usb sticks create this issue as well.

After some soul searching, i found out about a different cocoa transfer type program called XNJB.

Downloadable here...
XNJB - Download

Started up and connected first shot for me.

Just hoping to lend a helpful hand here if others found themselves in the same boat as me! Thanks everyone!



May 23, 2011
Thanks for the tip. Oddly, the Android File Transfer works perfectly fine on my iMac at my house, but crashes on the Mac Mini I have on my desk at work.