Accidentally formatted internal flash storage to NTFS


Apr 19, 2011
Hi! I have a rockchip based tablet running android 2.1. Its made by a chinese manufacturer whose name I haven't seen in the forums.
I was trying to format the internal flash storage to FAT32 by using gparted on a linux host. Unfortunately, I accidentally formatted it NTFS :( Now I can't access the internal storage. It used to be mounted at /flash but now it's only an empty directory and when I connect the tablet to a computer, I don't see any drives. The operating system itself is running fine and I can use it normally and even install apps and access a TF card if I insert it.
Can someone please tell me how to format the internal storage to FAT32 so android can recognize it again?
PS: I tried opening up the tablet to see if flash storage was separated from the board but I couldn't make much sense of it (at least I couldn't recognize a flash drive in there).