Address Links in Text Documents


Senior Member
Feb 5, 2011
In many text documents on an Android tablet, you can type in an e-mail address, or a web URL, and the OS will highlight it as a link. Long-tapping usually opens a menu so you can follow the link and launch the associated application.

For example:

For URLs, you use the form of: www .address .com (or .org, etc.)

For an e-mail address, it's simply: [email protected]

For phone numbers: (111) 234-5678

Is there a special format to enter a mapping street address. I mean, in HTML you use mailto: for an email hyperlink, so maybe there is a keyword for a map address; "mapto:" mybe?

The biggest reason I can think of is to make notes for yourself for addresses to places you want to travel, in a document on your tablet, and it saves you time when you want to launch your navigation app.