Advice For Samsung Tablet To Replace Factory Radio

Nov 21, 2017
Hello Thankyou For Accepting me. Im not Very Computer Savy and This is my first post, Please Near With Me. I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT Model it doesn't have Infinity or steering wheel controls. I Currently have a Clarion VZ401 Flip out Touch Screen Single DIN Head Unit. I would Like to replace it with A Touch Screen Tablet (Partially Because Im Going Blind I think LOL) but so I can acess internet, Navigation, use my back up camera (also would like a to add a Front License Plate Camera) and also if possible a USB Port or Ports. I Would prefer to stay with Samsung Android as that's what I'm familiar with. Do any of you have a Good Pick That would accommodate what I'm needing? Or am I being to picky? There are just so many choices and Shady Salespeople telling you whatever you want to hear so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction, I will be getting the Double Din Dash Conversion to accommodate the bigger size. I added pics i hope they came through,.

Any and All Help, Suggestions, Advice is Very Much Appreciated

Not sure if I need to stay logged in To This forum or not to see if I get any responses or not.

Feel free to email me. I do know how to do,email. LOL

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