Advice on ROM Manager


Jan 3, 2011
We'll see. I'm also thinking about another way of tackling this issue. I want to build/use a Android Telechips virtual machine on my pc (if that's possible) and install the firmware on that to see what happens. Hopefully this is possible but i've only seen generic Android VM's and not a telechips version. I've also been in discussion with Pandawill about which firmware we can use on this pad Check it out here but i'm not getting very far.

You may find this article helpful HOWTO: Unpack, Edit, and Re-Pack Boot Images - Android Wiki.

Using this I have at least managed to back up the system files on my tablet to my PC, but haven't yet tried creating a boot image from them. The response from Pandawill was not good, and potentially dangerous. The information on this forum is the most comprehensive I have found on Telechips tablets.