Ainol Novo 7 Mars Review

Apr 14, 2012
1G DDR3 High-def Ainol Novo 7 Mars is about to hit the market this May
The all new Ainol 7 inch tablet has many kick-ass features including 2nd-gen Cortext A9 core, 1024×600 HD display, high-speed WiFi Connection, 1080P interenet TV, state-of-the-art G-sensor, 0.3 Mega pixel front-facing camera, multi-touch display, 1080P video play back and external OTG port.

2nd-gen Cortex-A9 Core. 1Ghz DDR3 RAM
Ainol Novo 7 Mars sports a 2nd generation Cortex A9 core running at 1Ghz, powered by Amlogic 8726, featuring Mali-400 GPU. The 1Ghz DDR3 high-speed RAM gives you the best performance amongst all 7 inch Chinese Android tablets.

Hardware-processing Flash support
Ainol Novo 7 Mars utilizes Amlogic’s own Flash adbobe 10.2 processor designed exclusively for Android 4.0. It enables Ainol Novo 7 Mars not only to play local 1080P flash videos but also x.264 coded HTML5 videos very smoothly, this makes Ainol Novo 7 Mars one of the best video watching 7 inch Android tablets on the market.

1024×600 High Defination Display and Mouti-touch screen
Ainol Novo 7 Mars uses a 1024×600 high-def multi-touch display, which is the larger than what Ainol Novo 7 Elf has. It does not have an IPS display due to the cost, but at this price it’s definitely worth it.

Hi-speed WiFi connection and cutting-edge G-sensor
Speaking of the Internet connection, Ainol Novo 7 is using the Realtek 8188 chipset that supports 802.11b/g/n (up to 150M/sec). At the mean time, the Bosch G-sensor will make sure it catches every tiny movement from you when you are racing on the ridges.