Ainol novo 9 spark ii - best official firmware and rom comparison


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Mar 13, 2014
Hi I recently purchased the novo 9 spark ii after I did a bit of research between similar models, this looks like a good bet based on using mainly for work purposes. I really like the tablet...

But i have a few problems...

The stock firmware needs upgrading...
* i cannot get the keyboard to stop vibrating on keypress - this option has been disabled in the menu but still doesnt work
* there are Chinese apps that cannot be uninstalled, when I reboot the tablet they are reinstalled.
* there are a few performace upgrades which i assume will be met with a later firmware

Please advise what is he latest, most appropriate UK firmware I can install without voiding my warranty. Please supply a download link also.

Also any advise on rooms, I don't really want to install something that will void the warranty but again any advise is much appreciated guys



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Jul 13, 2014
I flashed 4.4.2 KitKat beta on my 32gb spark 2...everything was better,no hanging none..until I found out that my internal storage has downsized from 32gb to 16gb...i quickly need help.
Can any one make this ROM for 32gb version..please reply fast..