Alcatel one touch idol X+ from china, some language problems.


Mar 7, 2014

I have bought a TCL S960 from China, which is the Alcatel One Touch Idol X+ everywhere else. The phone is perfectly fine but the Android 4.2.2 version on it seems to still show signs of Chinese, even after changing the language to English.

A minor annoyance is on the lock screen; under the normal clock, there is another time, much smaller, with a date next to it. I presume this is a Chinese clock.

The biggest problem is with the updates. I think its trying to update the 'system version of the android 4.2.2' from v14.01.10 with a 29.50M update to v14.02.11. It seems an official Idol X+ update to me. After I download it and want to apply it, I cant complete it since it's in Chinese.

So I think im basically asking how to change the underlying language of the system, in addition to the language in this surface settings, that is already in English.