Allwinner A13 modify drivers from custom rom


Junior Member
Mar 2, 2015

I have a Allwinner A13 tablet, clone of Momo9 STAR (under the name Audiola Majestic Tab 192). When i received it, the firmware was all messed up so i started to search for a working ROM.

My progress so far: I have found a ROM that runs smooth except the wifi doesnt work (i try to turn it on, only for it to turn off imediatley). I also found this ROM ( that has compatibility patch for my tablet and everything works, but it is a little slow here and there.

My question: Is there anyway to take wifi driver/module from the second ROM and modify the first ROM to get the wifi workng on it? The first rom is 4.0.4 if i remember coreclty, and the second is 4.2.2. Please advise.

Thank you in advance!