Amazon Could Be Working On New 10-Inch Kindle Fire Tablet With Stock Android


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Jan 5, 2011

Here's a strange rumor from Amazon-land. The image you see above is supposedly a new 10-inch Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon. Obviously, that's not actually the strange part, as a larger Kindle Fire could be a pretty slick idea. The oddity comes with what OS we might actually see on this tab.

If you peer closely at the pic, it appears that the OS on board is a great deal closer to a stock Android UI instead of the typical Amazon overlay. Of course, it also appears that there are no Google Apps installed, but that is unsurprising considering Amazon wants to have their own "walled garden."

Still, perhaps their engineers realized that the Amazon UI overlay just wasn't as easy to use as the natural form of Android. The Google engineers have basically evolved the tablet interface to a very polished and refined state.

Let's cross our fingers this intel is the real deal.

Source: Evan Blass on Twitter