Amazon Fire HD and Fire HDX


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Sep 22, 2016
Hello, I'm planning on buying a tablet. My main focus would be things such as reading ebooks, surfing, watching videos, etc.

I would like it to have around
-10ish hours of battery life when I am reading/streaming/surfing
- SD card slot OR some way of reading an SD card (SD card reader maybe?)

I used to be interested in Fire HDx line then found out they specifically made it unable to host an SD card for whatever stupid reason.
Now I'm interested in Fire HD 10 line. It apparently has an SD card slot. Can anyone tell me whether I can transfer content without some frustrating file format limitation? I have a variety of e-books, pdf files, documents, etc NOT purchased from amazon.
Am I going to experience some difficulty in transferring/reading/keeping them on my tablet?

All these hidden surprises are really confusing
Thanks a lot in advance :)