Amazon Officially Announces In-App Purchasing to Compete with Apple and Google


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Jan 5, 2011

Amazon has finally developed their own In-App purchasing API to go along with the Amazon AppStore. This is obviously a move to compete directly with Apple and Google more effectively by attracting devs with the potential for additional profit. Amazon’s new in-app purchasing API allows developers to sell additional content, level packs, new features and more from inside their apps. Amazon Appstore director Aaron Rubenson said, ”Amazon Appstore’s In-App Purchasing service enables developers to generate more revenue from their apps. In-App Purchasing is simple to integrate and gives developers access to millions of Amazon customers who are already familiar with Amazon’s 1-Click payment system. Many of Amazon Appstore’s customers have shopped with Amazon before and they trust Amazon’s easy payment process, which leads to higher conversion of developers’ in-app content and subscriptions.”

You can see more details in the video above. Here's a question for all our devs out there? Does this entice you to start considering using Amazon's Appstore in your repertoire?

Source: Kindle-FireForum via BGR
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