Amazon Studios Working on a New Horror Survival Game for Amazon Fire TV & Other Devices


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Jan 5, 2011

The folks at Amazon's game studio just released the above trailer for their new horror survival game called Lost Within. The game looks creepy as it is set in a haunted asylum. While this particular terror troupe has been done before, Amazon's game plans to distinguish itself by allowing you to actually fight with and kill your ghoulish enemies by piecing together makeshift weapons from stuff you find.

That feature has also been done before, but is not something you typically see in the survival horror genre. According to the description, you progress through the game by uncovering the deep dark secrets of the broken abode as you run and fight to survive its hellish denizens. The game is expected this summer and will be available for all of the various Amazon devices (Kindle Fire tablets, Fire TV, Fire Phone, etc) as well as iPad and iPhone.