An alternative to the Archos 5 with android?


Jul 1, 2010
I thought I loved my Archos IMT- even though it crashed several times a day, and took a long time to reboot. UNTIL the screen cracked in the corner as I was applying the screen protector for the first time after having it for 4 WEEKS. :(I have had touch screen phones, and I was NOT putting a lot of pressure on the screen, just enough to smooth the plastic down. It was obviously a manufacturing defect. So I contacted them and said it cracked under normal use and asked if it was covered by warranty. They wouldn't give me an answer. They kept saying "we don't know, maybe send it in". :mad: And I sent it in.

I then got a notice that the repair cost FOR THE GLASS of the LCD screen- Nothing else was damaged- was $285!! Then they basically said they didn't care it was a defect they NEVER replace screens under warranty, even though they made it sound as if it would be covered before I sent it in.

Sooo... Archos cost:
$415 with tax and shipping for 32gb model.
$310- for repair, for their defect, and shipping it to me.
So this thing is going to cost me over $700!!! And it crashes constantly!!

So I'm wondering if I should just keep that $285, and put it towards something else!
I need something that
a)Plays music and video relatively well- this will be my main music player
b)decent speed with Android
c) GPS
d)Fm radio would be really nice

I don't mind switching devices, its really android that appealed to me. So is there anything else out there that has these features? :confused: