Android 2.2 on SAWEE10 hwver= used Flytouch II...Stock or Custom ROM?


Aug 14, 2011
I recently bought a used "Flytouch II" and, although I'm a Debian/Linux hobbyist, I'm still a bit of a noob when it comes to Android Devices. I've read the post about InfoTMIC hwver's and available updates, however, I'm a bit confused.

Model: SAWEE10
Android Version: 2.2 V2.1:#3925
Build: FRF85B

What's confusing is the InfoTMIC Update Servers don't even have an Android 2.2 V2.1:#3925 update available for HWVER=


Can someone tell me if my pad is running Stock/Update or if someone has flashed it with a Custom ROM?

System Update seems to be working, but it says the pad already has the latest version installed. Just wondering if System Update provides a more recent version than the manual downloads from the InfoTMIC Update Servers, so I can confirm that #3925 is the latest available version for the Flytouch II...

The pad is a bit laggy when playing games/flash and web browsing is beyond slow at times. Plus, whenever I try to use setCPU it always Force Closes instantly, as do all of the ROOT apps I've tried...and yes...the pad is ROOTED (via z4Root) and has Super User App installed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated... :)

EDIT: BTW...I can't get it to boot to Recovery Mode and Tux shows up in the upper-left corner when booting...there isn't a loading screen other than "android..."(text) and shining "android"(animated).
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Oct 7, 2010
I have *precisely* the same situation... Linux and all. I have the exact same unit you describe. The only thing I can tell you for sure is: Don't try to upgrade the ROM. From this and other forums, the SAWEE10 will not accept any other ROM. I would LOVE to be proven incorrect on this so, if anyone has solid advice, let us know. I'm not brave enough to go with "should work". I've already bricked one tab and was lucky enough to get a replacement from the seller. :)
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May 12, 2011
I have the exact same unit, and have serviced a couple of these as well for the digitizer problem. I have recently heard there is a ROM update posted on XDAdevelopers site. I am going to attempt to do one as well. Make a backup of the original prior. Also to get into service/flash mode, just hold down the "home" button and press the "power" button. Continue to hold both buttons until the InfotMIC screen disappears. You will be presented with TUX and then a green screen and then the service screen. Use the volume buttons to navigate and hit menu button to enter. Also don't forget. This unit has many names. Flytouch II, Sawee10, InfoTmic, Apad 10.2, Epad 10.2. Also INFOTMIC has a web site as well where they sell it too.
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