Android 2.3 on TCC8902


May 19, 2011
I'm researching my first tablet buy, so I'm trying to understand the different versions, HW, SW, etc.

On the TCC8902, it seems that mostly Android 2.1 is used, which doesn't support Flash. However, I've seen some "new" TCC8902 tablets that are running Android 2.3. These still don't support Flash, though. Also, there was a thread on the Pandawill forum about how they were testing Android 2.3 for the G10 tablets and there were many delays as they found problems.

So, my question: is Android 2.3 on TCC8902 a stable combination? Were all the problems fixed? What is the advantage of 2.3 over 2.1?


May 20, 2011
Android 2.0/2.1 (Éclair)
Released: January 2010

New Features: Multiple accounts support for email and contact synchronization, support for Exchange email accounts, combined inbox to browse email from multiple accounts in one page, Quick Contact for Android – just tap a contact photo to call, SMS, or email the person, search saved SMS and MMS messages, new features like macro focus for the camera, improved keyboard layout for easier and faster typing, multi-touch support so you can type more quickly with two fingers simultaneously, double-tap to zoom into a browser page, improved calendar events management

Android 2.2 (Froyo)
Released: June 2010

New Features: Support for Exchange Calendars in the Calendar app, easier to setup and sync an Exchange account, global address lists lookup in the Email application for you to auto-complete recipient names from the directory, improved gallery – peek into picture stacks by pinching to zoom, ability to turn 3G-connected devices into portable Wi-Fi hotspots that can be shared with up to 8 devices each – or tethered to computers via USB to share the internet connection, faster CPU and browser performance, speedier and smoother multitasking experience, option for apps to be installed on an external SD card instead of internal memory (giving you space for more apps)

Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
Released: December 2010

New Features: Refined user interface to make it easier to learn, faster to use, and more power-efficient, improved keyboard for faster text input and editing, one-touch word selection and copy/paste, better power management by closing misbehaving apps, ability to make voice calls over the Internet to other users with an Internet calling number, Near-Field Communication Reader application for reading and interacting with NFC tags