Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) engineering tablet samples coming


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Dec 15, 2009

We've been seeing a ton of Android Tablet news lately, so much so in fact that we've had to start a site dedicated to just that... However, it could be bigger. How? Well we've heard from a couple of Tablet makers that it would be best to wait until Gingerbread comes out, the next major version of the Android OS that will have some tweaks and additional support for Tablets and larger screen sizes/resolutions.

According to DigiTimes we'll be seeing some engineering samples of just that very soon. Well known manufacturers such as Acer, AsusTek, MSI and others are expected to launch their Tablet PCs in January at the CES show.

Up until now the Tablet market has been fringe manufacturers or Chinese manufacturers... but it's about to hit the big time now. The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been the first tablet with the fit and finish that discerning customers have come to expect, but I think once Gingerbread hits we'll see an avalanche of them.

(Source: via Droid Life)


Oct 24, 2010
This website is a "10+". Thanks, this is just what I needed. Now if only they would start releasing some of these tablets we're hearing about. Maybe I'm a little over-anxious, but it seems like forever since the Ipad came out. Keep up the good work!