Android 4.2.2 Tablet & Upgrade Bluetooth Settings


Dec 31, 2013
I have a non-brand 10.1" Android Tablet (Contixo LS102) which I really far.

1) I purchased a Kensington Bluetooth Keyboard/Case/Stand (Model: K39519US) to use with the Contixo tablet. It is supposed to be a "Universal" fit for Android Tablets.
2) My problem: the tablet's Bluetooth won't connect to the bluetooth keyboard. It does "pair" and shows it is paired on the tablet, but when I go to type something, it doesn't do anything
3) The "bluetooth logo" in the tablet's indicator bar DOES NOT turn BLUE, like it does when other bluetooth devices pair and connect up.
4) I contacted Kensington's Tech Support: we tested the keyboard set-ups on my Samsung Galaxy SIII mobile phone, and it works fine. They say I need to UPGRADE or RE-SET THE BLUETOOTH SETTINGS ON THE TABLET.

So, how does one go abot UPGRADING or Re-SETTING bluetooth settings? There is NO technical support available for my non-brand CONTIXO LS102 tablet.

Thanks, Drew