Android 6.0 File Manager Will Rename File


Junior Member
Jan 18, 2017
Nextbook tablet Android 6.0 Marshmallow:

I was mucking around looking for a way to rename a PDF I just downloaded when I went to the apps screen and opened File Manager. I had done a Google search on how to rename a download and all the results pointed to using a third party app because Marshmallow couldn' t rename files. I guess those were dated results, because the File Manager app I've got preinstalled will rename files - if you can find them with the app.

As an added bonus, I found the user's guide for my Nextbook Ares 10 tablet - it was in the File Manager under Documents as: NXM1021CAP User Manual

Originally, the apps screen had an icon labeled User Guide that had no link - was a dead end, so I deleted it. Now I've got my user's manual but it's buried in the File Manager. I don't know if there's a way to put a shortcut on the apps screen.

Yay! :D