Android Multimedia Master...Can it be done?


Feb 9, 2011
I am brand new to the forums and it's great to see one especially for Tablets.
I'm thinking about getting a Tablet in the near future, but for a specific purpose.
I'd like my Tablet to be at the heart of a media centre.
I've tried a networked media player and am disappointed with the interface, very windows circa 98 and really basic for music navigation and control.
What I would like is a tablet with HDMI out to plug into the LCD and either a large SSD or a couple of USB ports to connect a hard drive to, plus audio out.
There are so many media programs in the Android market that I am sure there should be something for me to use as an interface between the Tablet, my HTC Desire and my PC's network, though streaming my own files is not a great priority (switching the pc off is what I really want to do).
I use Spotify, Radio Paradise & Youtube a lot and having these output to the TV & Amp would be great.
HD video is not that important as I have Bluray) so video playback doesn't have to be hugely powerful (for the moment I guess!)
I'd like to have the Tablet connected to everything and have my Desire act as a remote control.
Am I asking for too much, by wanting Android to do all this?
Or will this be possible with Tablets in the future using 3.0 or can it already be done?

Many thanks for reading..


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Aug 6, 2010
It is not so much a question, whether an Android Tablet can do it. It is more of a question whether an Application has been created to do what you describe. Right now, the Answer is not yet. Until the bridging remote app is created, you would be stuck with a kludge of many individual apps which would not be what I hear you want.

Keep watching, Sooner or later that type of Bridging device and app will be available. Although, potentially not as you originally defined