Android Newbie


Jan 23, 2012
Hi everyone!

I have previously worked in ICT within a Microsoft enviro with Info Sec related products as my specialty. I recently became self-employed as a photographer, I think you can see why - Info Sec Vs Photography hobby... :D

I'm an Apple bod myself, but am interested in the Android OS and how it works, which is good because you can probably guess that friends and family ask me for advice regarding technology-related products, you know as they do...

Recently, between them, my friends and rellies have purchased mobile phones and tablets with an Android OS installed. So I am now looking for information related to the Lexibook tablet and the Advent Vega tablet.... fingers crossed.

I'm based in Sandwell in the UK.

I hope to use the correct terminology in any threads I post/reply to, so please let me know if I get anything wrong.


Staff member
Mar 24, 2011
Hi Tess, glad you decided to become a member of the forum, nice to have you with us. There's a lot of information for new folks in the "Sticky" threads at the beginning of the Android Tablet Q&A section. Just click that link and you'll go straight there.