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Aug 4, 2011
Hi all. I'm almost a total newbie to Android having only played around with a tablet a time or two. I'm not a computer noob, having a BS in computer engineering and an MCSE.

I've been interested in this platform because I've become disenchanted with the bloatware OS's coming out of Redmond these days. Looking for something slimmer and more elegant to start learning about/playing around with. I haven't bought my first tablet yet but am narrowing the field pretty quickly.

I'd like some opinions on this unit

Description: 7 inch MID with samsung chip Multi-touch screen with Bluetooth&GPS 3G wifi camera
Product Specification
Touch panel
7.0" Capacity Multi-touch screen 800*480
Cortex A8 Samsung PV210/1GHZ
Flash Memory
Nand flash4GB ( Option: Max to 16GB )
Android 2.2
WCDMA/ EVDO (Option)
Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n
1.3M pixels
Lithium-ion 4000mAH
Worktime :3 hours of surfing the web
G-sersor 360°, magnetic(E-Compass)
Sound System
Built in speaker(1*1W)
Supported Audio Format
Supported Video Format
DIVX,H.263,H.264 (support to 1080P:1920x1080)
Application software
QQ,MSN,Skype,Email,Gmail,Photo Browser
Google Search,Browser,Google maps,iReader
Alarm Clock,Calendar,Calculator,Task Manager
Camera,Media player,File Explorer,PDF reader, Market, NC manager
Product's Dimension
W195 * D119 * H13 mm
I/O interface
1 x USB 2.0
1x 3.0mm DC-in port
1 x 3.0mm Headphone
1 x Mini USB Host 1.1 + OTG 2.0
1 x HDMI
1x Mirco SD reader (Support 32GB SD)
1 x Screen cover
1 x Earphone (Optionl)
1 x mini-usb-cable
1 x Charger AC100-240V

It seems to have everything I'm looking for. 7" form factor (I'd like 8" 4:3 aspect ratio better), WI-FI, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, dual cameras, multi-touch, fast processor, half a gig of RAM, good array of ports, and a very attractive price. Its appearance and specs look to be the same as the Herotab C8, except that (and the seller has confirmed this) it includes internal bluetooth AND internal GPS. $197

Is it too good to be true? Anybody ever buy from this seller before? Anybody seen or bought this same unit - even if under another name or at a higher price?
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Aug 4, 2011
Hi Bob, welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your new tablet. Sorry I had to remove the link you had in it, but I replaced it with the description. Links of that type aren't allowed on this forum. Check out the and have fun out there.
No problem, though that point needs a little more clarification in the guidelines IMHO. I read through them before signing up, and twice more since you notified me that I had violated them, and unless I'm somehow missing something the only thing I saw that could be interpreted to prohibit the link I posted is the statement that

"Text links are permitted, but may NOT be commercial in nature. The image may not be linked."

Which I took to mean I can't post links to my own business or commercial site.
Which isn't what I was doing of course - just linking to the tablet I'm thinking of buying.

Anyway I understand the rule now and have no problem with it. Though I find it hard for anyone to answer the question about the vendor and the tablet if they can't visit the site and look at it. Kinda' reduces my whole post to a near pointless "hi, I'm Bob" kind of deal...

BTW, I haven't bought one yet, but the one I linked is the current leader in my price / value research. Hence my solicitation of opinions...


Aug 4, 2011
I assume it is OK to name the seller - as long as I don't link to their site, right? If not feel free to edit this post and let me know.

The seller is a chinese electronics importer called "MrDigital". Anybody heard of them, dealt with them, etc?

I'll be cross posting my questions in the Samsung forum too.
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