Android & other PC Tabs for Dummies


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Dec 21, 2010
Hi All a warm 36oC. day in Adelaide South Australia today. I joined the android forum as a techy dinosaur & have been doing much researching & reading. Would love to get to know some of the gang who are like me a little unsure as to which direction to go in. There's so much on the market & so out my depth am sure there must be others on the boards who are just as confused.

Any chance our super mods, or mods ITHO could break down some tabs for best purpose?

Some users might require different things:

More email/web surfing on the go - which case battery time is vip!
Ereader function with GPS capabilities will Google maps do the trick without co-pilot?
Some that want to write or make annotations.
Those that want to play games, listen to music or watch movies?

Tabs are a fab idea but with such a plethora drowning the average newbie a 'hands on for dummies' (me included) would be a great help. Pretty please to those who are really in the know for those who need a miners hat, encyclopedia, cut lunch & a water bag. At least some of those in the dark have found the Android Forum which is a great start.
Cheers Min.