Android SMS Issue?

Do you use your Tablet to SMS>

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Sep 24, 2010

Google has acknowledged that there is a bug in Android’s default text messaging app that they have known about since March that sends texts to the wrong person.

As initially reported March 17 on the NexusOne forum, “When I have three or four separate text message conversations going, the software gets confused and sends texts to the wrong person some times. You will think that you are typing a response to contact A and then suddenly the contact name at the top switches to contact B.”

In addition to this problem, some users report texts sent to random people who aren’t in their address book.

So how prevalent an issue is this? ZDNet site Hardware 2.0 has been running an informal poll for about 12 hours thus far, with 10% of the respondents reporting trouble with SMS messages sent to the wrong person. I think another question is also just how many people are using their Android tablets to SMS?

Comments? Thoughts? Rants?

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