Android Tablet 7 ePad


Nov 1, 2010
Hi everyone

I bought a new ePad (7 inch) from ebay and was shipped from China. I started using it (i.e set up wireless etc.) and went to Android Market. I was looking for Skype or any communication software but none of them seem to be available. I bought it with the view of gifting it to my mum to use for video chatting. But it appears that the app is not available. I don't know which version of Andriod it runs, but I presume it's not 2.x or later.
So, my question is where will I be able to get the app for video chat. Does anyone face this problem earlier. Your help is very much appreciated.



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Aug 6, 2010
There are other options other than Market. One of the most common is SlideMe. You may find the apps and many of the things you want here. There are patches and side load methods of the apps as well. The reason why Market does not work for most is the app was not appropriately installed. The thing to remember is Google only allows the manufacturer to put functioning Market on Tabs that meet their expectation and pay the license. There are many Chinese sellers who package Market knowing it is not fully functional.

Best of Luck


Dec 5, 2011
Hi Folk,
Hope everybody will be in peace. Guys I am also encountering the same problem. I bought a “7 inch Epad Android 2.2 Wintouch Froyo Touch Screen Tablet MID” before one week. I have tried many times to start application market to check the Skype, but unfortunately was not able to find it. Only limited softwares are available in the app market. I heard that thousands of softwares are available in the android app market but sorry to say that from one week I am looking for Skype & yahoo but nothing is coming. Can you please help me to find this software?