Android Tablet Stuck On 'Unfortunately, Games Has Stopped'


Junior Member
Jul 15, 2017
SWMBO's TabExpress android tablet has started to play up and is now just showing the window: Unfortunately, games has stopped.

Athough other menus appear behind this window, it seems impossible to turn it off. Pressing the 'ok' script on the screen turns off the window, only for it to reappear seconds later & therefore blocks any attempts to resolve the issue by accessing other menus.

I've tried doing both a soft & hard reset, to no avail. Is there a solution or is this tablet destine for the scrapheap? I've even considered disconnecting the battery, which would involve de-soldering the wire connections. Is this my last option?

I have tried pressing both the power button & volume control, both + & -, without success. Even tried hooking it up to other PCs & laptops but none would recognize it.

I'm getting earache from SWMBO to either fix it or buy her another one.