Android Tablets as (also) eBooks reader


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Dec 26, 2010
Hi to all...

I'm planning to buy an Android Tablet in the (real) near future and I've a question to which I didn't found any answers after a short search here in the forum...

How would you rate your experiences with Android Tablets as eBook reader?
Right now I've an Cybook Gen3 reader and, obviously, eInk is absolutely outstanding to read books and I know that a backlit screen will be surely worst than it, but someone can tell me HOW much is it worst?

Can i read for about 40/50 minutes without loosing my eyes? are there any trick with brightness to enhance it's use as ebook reader? Any particular tablet that will be better than others from this point of view?

Thx :)


Dec 26, 2010
I am currently using the Kindle app on my Coby 7015 and I don't have any issues using it as an ereader. There are several settings that I had to change like the font size, black background with white letters, contrast set to less than half and most importantly the locking of the screen to portrait orientation.

With those setting changes I have found this tablet to be quite usable as my first ereader.

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