'Angry Birds' Developer Rovio acquires Futuremark Game Studios division


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Jan 5, 2011
The above is the game Shattered Horizon from Futuremark Gaming Studios, and unfortunately is not a mobile game (yet).​

Yesterday we shared about Rovio's wildly successful new version of Angry Birds being "wildly successful", and today we have some further news that the game developer is continuing to push to new heights. Rovio is apparently not content to sit on their success with the Angry Birds franchise and have recently acquired the gaming division of Futuremark, which is aptly named Futuremark Games Studio. Just in case you haven't heard of them, Futuremark is the company behind 3DMark, which is pretty much the defacto standard for artificial gaming benchmarks on the PC. Futuremark has their own spin-off gaming division that has made a few interesting titles, but nothing that has been huge breakout yet. Still, they have some interesting games like Unstoppable Gorg, Hungribles, and Shattered Horizon, and Rovio decided it was worth investing in to add to their portfolio.

It makes sense that Rovio is branching out. Their Angry Birds series has been very popular, but by adding some fresh games to their lineup, as well as the fresh programmers to their team, they should be able to introduce some new ideas for future games. Interestingly, Futuremark Games Studio also happens to be based in Finland, just like Rovio, which makes them a perfect fit. The video above is the Futuremark Gaming Studios title called Shattered Horizon, and it shows off some of their physics based gameplay wrapped in an outer-space FPS package. Hmmm... that sounds similar to Rovio's newest Angry Birds... no wonder they decided to purchase these guys.

Source: TechCrunch
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Jan 24, 2012
i bet Rovio is doing really well with popularity of Angry Birds and they just got a treasure chest of money to burn. buying companies is often the easiest way of expanding.