[ANNOUNCED] Google Play Music 'All Access' Rolling Out Today


Staff member
Dec 5, 2011

Google has announced their new music streaming service today at Google I/O. The music service will come as part of Google Play Music, and gets a subscription tag called 'All Access.' Some of the great features you get with All Access:

  • Immediate and instant access to millions of tracks and Albums
  • Recommended Playlists
  • Featured lists and genre's
  • Can be accessed via Browser, PC, Tablet, and Smartphone
  • Turn your listening/artist preference into your own 'radio station'
  • Ability to skip, move and delete tracks from your 'radio station'

The service is launching today in the US with a FREE 30-day trial. Following the trial, the service will cost just $9.99 per month, but if you try out the service before June 30th, Google will give you full access for only $7.99/month.