any feedback on Nationite MIDnite (Wits A81E) 7" Android 2.2 Tablet - A8 Cort


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Aug 6, 2010
OK, This is just a rebranding of the WITStech A81-E. I have one and I like it, But there are some things to recognize

Good: WITS does continually offer F/W updates and there is an active community managing the firmware Bad: You are a beta tester in motion if you want to play the FW game. Final comment: Each build gets better, but their QA in cooking Firmware is a bit uneven

Good: Froyo and MS CE-6 offering. Bad: Froyo issues see prior comment, and CE6 is old with no real support beyond community. Final Comment: NO you cannot dual boot although still stated

Good: Good feel and good resistive touch Bad: No G-Sensor or Microphone or camera or .... Final: Great for the NON-Gamer Horrible for the Sensor-Gamer

Good: Market available and integrated Bad: Not full Market, this is easily resolved

Good: Offers lots of features back in Aug/September for reasonable price. Bad: Offered lots of features back in Aug/September. The new Archos/Samsung and such will outshine them

Final comment: Would I buy it again YES. Do I wish it had More and is missing key features YES. Would I recommend it over a G11 or X5A-G mmmmmaybe/maybe not.

But this is my opinion