Any need for a screen protector


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Jun 24, 2013
This may be a silly question:

Does my HP Slate 7 need a screen protector? I put one on and it has air bubbles that look really funny casting shadows on the screen. Do these tablets have built in screen protection or what?


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Nov 8, 2011
It's up to you I use them on my tablets, but not on my phone so go figure.

PS like the name of your City.


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Apr 29, 2012
Screen protectors became popular for the soft plastic screens that were used on older PDAs. Those screens were easy to scuff and for many would become dull with use. I had several over the years, and actually still have a Palm Treo that I use. It's an old pocket PC phone that I've had for about ten years, and is used serveral times every day. I never put a screen protector on it or any other PDAs. None have any scratches, nor do my tablets, and the screens are still as clear as new. Note that careful screen cleaning with soft clean materials is important to prevent screen scuffing/dulling.

Some of the plastic phone screens are more likely to scratch, depending on how they are stored. Being thrown into a purse or pocket full of change will scratch just about anything, for example. That may be why folks still worry about screen protectors.

Most tablets have a very hard glass screen which is much more resistant to scratching than most plastics, so unless you regularly wear a lot of diamonds on your fingers, or slide the exposed screen acrosss the pavement or a sandy table, screen protector sheets just tend to reduce screen sensitivity, are often difficult to apply properly, and generally look bad. Some people like them for glare reduction though, and some folks are harder on equipment than others, so you need to take all that into account. A nice flip top case will reduce the risk of screen breakage/damage when not in use, if that's your concern.


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Mar 24, 2011
I guess it would depend on how roughly you treat your tablet. I've been using my NC for 2½ years and there's not a mark on my screen.