Anyone Have the Onda V972 and Can Share Experiences?


Jun 4, 2011
Anyone have the Onda V972 and can share experiences?

I do not presently have a tablet and am considering this tablet due to its CPU, screen size and resolution and price.

If anyone has this tablet and can share their experience, speed, glitches, battery life, does screen bleed, performance, does browsing render properly, speed of any downloaded apps, quirks, things one must get used to, etc... I am sure many people would be interested.

I almost pre-ordered one but thought it would be best to obtain some real user experiences as I have really not seen any for this tablet nor any reviews as of the date of this post.



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Oct 28, 2010
Received Onda972 yesterday from www.spemallcom. Have been using Aoson M19 for 1 year and wanted something more reliable. Dont think you will be disappointed with this one. Fast boot, bright screen easy over air firmware update. Clear pics on the 5 mp camera.Battery charged using micro usb so easy to get spare locally. I know there are comments about battery life but it is running a Retina screen. Depends what you want to use it for. All the usual apps plus a few unknown ones from China! Browser works well To early for me to say about quirks.
Hope this helps

Can you do a more detailed review for the forum? Everyone will love you for it, lol
Jan 11, 2013
I can put something together in the next few days.It will be from the perspective of a 65 year old having owned an Aoson m19 for a year and having access to an ipad2.
I would have different ideas about reviews so do you have any guidelines, tips etc as I have not used forums before.

Anything you can say will be appreciated.

Will be great to have an independent review.

Don't worry about guidelines etc, your first post was great anything that expands on it would be useful.

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Jul 13, 2011
Review of Onda V972 using Android 4.1.1 received from Spemall Monday 21/01/2013


This is a first impressions review based on the perspective of a 65 year old who has owned an Aoson M19 for 1 year (and managed to keep it running) and also has access to an iPad2. If you Google onda V972 you will see several u-tube videos and detailed technical reviews. What I look for will be different to what other age groups think as important so this is very much a non-technical personal review based on my use of android tablets over the past year.

What made me buy this product?

I was looking for:-

1 The highest RAM to give smoother running,
2 Quad core processor
3 Bright screen with 2048 x 1536 resolution
4 5 mp camera
5 A more reliable tablet than my current Aoson M19
6 Back up from supplier if needed

The Onda V972 meets these criteria. It has 2GB RAM, quad core processor, 5 mp camera and retina screen. This supplier gives a 1 year guarantee with free 3 year technical support and also they answer your emails! I opted for Fedex delivery-about 10 days from China to UK. This makes tracking simple and gives you confidence if there are any issues with damage in transit. Mine arrived in good order and was well packed.

Using for the first time.:-

Boots up very quickly.

Very impressed with the bright, clear screen and immediately transferred photos and videos to an external sd card. Very good quality images and video.

It took a few attempts to connect to WiFi. After connection, you are asked if you want to download a firmware update. This involves about 80mb of data. It is installed automatically. Very easy procedure compared to last tablet.

I then set up email and accessed Google play as well as a pre-installed alternative.

Tried out the 5MP camera- impressed with this as well.

No problem with preinstalled browser.

No problem in finding your way around the android operating system. Very smooth moving around the tablet screens and trying out the apps.

The tablet shuts down quickly too.

Charging when turned off. Press the on/off button once to display charging progress in a few seconds.

I will let others comment on the games!

Points to bear in mind.

· No Bluetooth—not critical for me
· No English manual—again if you are familiar with android this is not a problem. Who reads manuals anyway?
· Battery is quoted at 8000 MAh. iPad 3 has nearly 45% more capacity at 11560 and is quoted as having a 10 hour running time. Battery use is never going to be great but I am prepared to put up with more charging to obtain a high specification product for a reasonable price. I have not had a chance to do any battery tests yet.
· It is a bit early yet for me to report on the reliability and quirks but all looks good just now
· Charging is via a micro usb. This is good since this allows you to easily buy a back up charger. Output of charger is 5 volt 2.5 amp. An ipad charger is rated at 5.1v, 2.1 amp so this or any other similar charger (ebay equivalent around £5.00) would do. Not a great fan of the supplied adaptor and plug—they do not make a very tight contact so a backup is recommended.

Overall, I’m pleased with the initial results from this tablet. It is so much improved from the lower spec Aoson tablet.

Hope this is of interest!

Let me know if you require any more specific information and I will try to assist.

Hi argent1, really thank you for the kind review here, glad that you've satisfied with our product and service, hope you enjoy with your tablet, and welcome back to! thanks a lot! :)
Jan 11, 2013

I wonder if you could tell me about the sound? How clear is it?

Also, now that the wifi is up and running how good is the connection.

Thanks for your review. One independent review is worth a 1000 skewed ones put up by sellers,