Anyone Please Help


Feb 29, 2012
Ihave a 7" Android 2.3 MID tablet i got about 2 months ago the battery was getting low so i pluged it up to my car charger and it showed it was charging but when i took it off the charger it would not turn on so i pluged it in to the house charger when i got home waited about 6 hours and tryed it again it would not turn on so i pluged it back up and tryed turning it on it came on showed it was fully charged but when i unpluged it it turned off so i went got another battery put in and it came on at the store then i went to turn it on it showed it was low battery so when i went to cut it off it froze up and now it is doing the same thing it won't come on without being pluged in I hope someone can shine some light on this one Thank You


Free Spirit , It's just a SPAM message plugging a Tablet seller!