app downloads and flash drive


May 23, 2011
Can anyone help me with my new google android 7" MID M009 tablet pc UMPC? it has android O.S. 2.2. I am tryung to download apps from android market but the site says that my device is not registerd, I have tryed everything on the web suggested but it sill wont do anything! also I have flash drive on my tablet but it dose not seem to work as it wont play movies and noy even play you tube dose anyone know how to get it to do so? if anyone can help me with this please contack me at my e-mail at Thank!!


Apr 26, 2011
Omg! i know what you are going through, i have the same thing. Go to and you can download apps using a flashdrive. Also you can go to the library or wherever you get wifi and connect to the market that way. you have to use that market on you tablet to become registered. hope this helps